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Cheetah Custom Cars was established in 2017 when Stroud-based ChipsAway owner-operators, Jim & Caroline Clennell, bought their first Jag with a crazy idea to paint flames down the sides.  A few months after the Jag was finished, A Harley Davidson arrived in the workshop and then not one but two caravans.  The Audi TT came next and the current project is a PT Cruiser.  There is also a focus on car body parts and coach lining/pinstriping and restyling via the Vintage Valets company.



More about the Jag story here.

The Flaming Harley Davidson

The black caravan project

The vintage Monza 1000 caravan

Audi TT – It’s not a wrap!

Mk1 Audi TT Photoshoot

Morris Minor 1000 bonnet